About Brandy


Passionate about guiding you in accessing your own inner wisdom and connection, aligning into balance and harmony, clearing blocks and patterning, increasing vitality and radiance, and integrating the energetic embodiment of your highest self, Brandy channels your guides and highest energy frequencies to support you on multiple levels. Gain enlightenment around your sacred self-care needs, find freedom in the heart, get into flow, and rock it to achieve brilliant and consistent joyful energy, optimal health, and a high-vibe connected life ~ mind-body-spirit style!


I was having a moment with the river. The sun was glistening on the water, the trees were dancing, and everything was in harmony. That fall day in 2002 was when I had my first raw Spiritual Experience. 

It was the Sun. The sun filled the scene and the Golden Ray poured down on me, soaking my aura and field of vision. I started to dance. I couldn't feel my body, just the spaces in between, and I was moving in ways I didn't know I could through the field beside the river. Then, my life flashed before my eyes...this life, other lives, other dimensions. I heard "You chose to come here. Life is the greatest privilege in the Universe. It is Beautiful whether it is painful or joyful. Being in this body, on this planet to experience it...that is the gift." 

From there everything started to shift. Again. My first shift was a few years earlier when I moved away from drugs, alcohol, and smoking because of health reasons in my early 20's. When I started noticing that the things I was putting into my body and the environments I chose to be in were effecting my whole being, I switched to a healthy lifestyle and made drastic changes to where I lived and where I put my energy. After this strong epiphany moment in 2002, I started a path that would lead me to fitness training, holistic nutrition coaching, life coaching, metaphysical studies, and energy work. Now I live in the woods amongst mountain sunsets, tall trees, and wildlife. I work with the energy of the land and cosmos for my personal work, as well as offering a safe sanctuary to support others in doing the same, no matter where you are on this beautiful journey of life.  

Unique Experience

Practitioners Journey 2002-2020

Fitness Trainer and Manager, General Manager and Assistant Manager of two fitness and training facilities, Circuit Trainer, Upstate NY

Why That’s Awesome: Brandy can direct you to the exercise routine or movement practice that is best for you and your energy needs! She is also knowledgeable in Energy and Bodywork and can direct you to an energy or body worker to help you get healing-focused movement into your sacred self-care routine to assist you in moving energy regardless of your movement ability.

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the Teachers College of Columbia University

Why That’s Awesome: Trained in over 100 dietary and health theories from experts in the field such as; Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Walter Willet of Harvard, Dr. Barry Sears, David Katz MD, Sally Fallon, David Wolfe, John Douillard DC, Neil Barnard MD, Joel Furman MD, Mark Hyman, Bernie Siegel, and others. IIN is the leading nutrition school in the world and accredited by the International Coach Federation. Brandy learned that there is no one-size-fits all approach and what you take in is more than just food. By listening to your body and accessing your inner wisdom you intuitively know what you should be doing for your health (and she has helped 100’s of people to do it).

Certified Holistic Life Coach, University of Sedona

Why That’s Awesome: Studying true whole health in all areas of our lives, how disease originates in the body on a thought-level, and how to align and achieve greater success has helped Brandy truly support her clients in all areas of their lives! The University of Sedona teaches how to tap into the root of your problems, clear them on a deeper level, and go forward in the best way. Cool stuff!

Bachelors of Metaphysics, University of Metaphysics

Why That’s Awesome: Attending the oldest and largest Metaphysics school in the world was really a game changer. Focusing on the Spiritual aspect of Mind Body Spirit has really taken her personal transformation and now her clients to the next level. Metaphysics for Brandy is finding your connection to Spirit in the way that works for you and knowing that the power of that positive energy is within you and available at all times. With Universal Truths we all recognize; we align with our highest good, the highest good of others, and the highest good of all things.

Master Mayan Reiki (Ira’ku) Energy Practitioner, 20th Ahau Class of the Jaguar Clan, Te’zec Balam, 50th Generation Mayan Shaman and Timekeeper

Why That’s Awesome: Learning healing techniques first hand from a Mayan Shaman has expanded Brandy’s scope of what is possible through energy healing. Using herbal smudging, stones and crystals, native drumming, singing bowls, sound healing techniques, and deep energy work, healing occurs on all levels of the mind body and spirit. An energy healing session with Brandy is deep and powerful healing work and helps with everything from physical pain to emotional healing to Chakra balancing. It is an unforgettable experience!

Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner, Llyn Roberts, Shamanic Reiki World Wide

Why That’s Awesome: Delving deep into the Shamanic Healing Arts with renowned teacher Llyn Roberts greatly expanded the toolbox of what is possible during a session and opened up the level of co-healing to truly empower the client to participate fully in their own healing process. From energetic intrusion and cord removal, to past life retrieval, embodying the elements, powerful distance healing, and personal ritual ceremony; the techniques used in a Shamanic Reiki session are simple but effective. If you are looking to participate in and take control of your health through shamanic practices, this is a great place to start!

Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, Llyn Roberts, Shamanic Reiki World Wide

Why That’s Awesome: Immersed in this intensive multi-year long program, Brandy further connected with nature, the elements, and the healing energy within and without, while deepening her Shamanic Reiki practice, cleansing on the soul level, aligning with the deeper intentions of the soul and consciously manifesting soul purpose, expanding awareness and intuitive/psychic development, and aligning to global and community needs. Comprehensive and Earth-based, this period of training and practice nurtured Mastership and consciously supports both Brandy’s healing clients and Shamanic Reiki 1, 2, and Master students in a way that deepens connection to Spirit for all in this great time of planetary evolution. She truly loves teaching this to others in the 

surrounding community!

Certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner, Rickie Freedman – Reiki Space, Harrisburg PA (for Levels 1 and 2), and Erin Williams (for Master Level)

Why That’s Awesome: Reiki is a beautiful healing practice that uses heart-centered Universal Life Force Energy to bring peace, harmony, balance, and well-being to the body. Working on many levels this simple and complementary healing technique is both gentle and relaxing. Highly effective in aiding the body to find stress relief and inner healing, Reiki is an excellent choice for anyone who would like to find peace and a needed time out on their healing and transformation journey. Plus, it feels great!

Certified Violet Flame Reiki Master Practitioner, David Painter

Why That’s Awesome: Being attuned to the high vibrational Violet Flame healing energy activates, amplifies, and clears the way for healing with a Pure Heart. Violet Flame Reiki clears away ego and leaves behind purity of heart. It is a highly purifying healing energy with a focus on Compassion. It re-introduces the goodness of our personal power by connecting us with the loving energy of Quan Yin and Saint Germaine and opening up personal vision and awareness. Violet Flame Reiki has been very powerful for Brandy in that it awakened in her a clearer channel to her natural energy connection to the Violet Flame and deepened the healing in her own heart, helping her to be an energy channel to support others in heart healing as well. Violet Flame helps to clear any blockages of the mind in opening up the heart, and burns away negative energy in a super powerful, high vibrational way! 

Certified Dragon Reiki Master Teacher, David Painter

Why That’s Awesome: Dragons are powerful multidimensional beings and assist in protection, soul deep karmic healing, elemental work, spiritual transformation, etheric realm work, accessing ancient wisdom, and integrating primal force energies. Brandy is a Master Teacher of the following Dragon Reiki Modalities: Crystal Dragon Reiki, Celtic Dragon Reiki, Rainbow Dragon Reiki, White Dragon Reiki, Dragon Sehkem, and Dragon Empowernment Reiki.  A session with Brandy often includes Dragon Work as she works closely with them as guides and they assist energetically in a multitude of extraordinary ways. If you are drawn to working with Dragon Energy, or have Dragon helpers of your own, you would especially enjoy a magical custom session with Brandy!

Certified Ethereal Crystal Healer Level 2, Anne-Marie Revello, Pheonix Reiki and Wellness, Inc.

Why That’s Awesome: Receiving attunements to the energies of the crystal realm was a life-changing experience that Brandy would love to share with you! During an energy healing session, you are able to benefit from the gift of crystal energy from the exact crystals in the perfect combination to assist your health, well-being, and highest self. Working with crystal energy amplifies healing, breaks through stuck energy, aligns your body mind and spirit with the beneficial and powerful crystalline energies of the Earth and Cosmos, and has multiple uses and applications for each individual. Experience for yourself this powerful modality!

Certified Sound Therapist Level 1, Lana Ryder, Soundwise Health

Why That’s Awesome: Training in the fundamentals for using sound, voice, and music for healing arts was a deep learning experience and connected Brandy with the subtle resonance inherent in all things. We are made of energy and vibration and being able to use sound healing with intention and purpose is a beautiful healing process. Highly enjoyable, a session with the addition of sound healing is one that resonates deep within and balances the chakras, the subtle energy body, removes stuck energy and blocks, and raises your vibration!

Certified Advanced Past Life Regression Therapist, American Alliance of Hypnotists

Why That’s Awesome: Past Life Regression is powerful healing technique that accesses the subconscious mind to find guidance and answers from within. Experiencing this meditative state allows for past life memories to surface and lend greater understanding of the self. This assists in working through blocks and issues one may find in present circumstances. Bridging this knowing lends unprecedented insight into how best to heal and move forward in the now. A profound and life-changing experience!

Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader, Dr. Roger Jahnke, Institute for Integral Qigong and Tai Chi, Healer Within Foundation

Why That’s Awesome: Becoming Certified in the Ancient Healing Movement Arts of Qigong and Tai Chi adds a deeper layer to what Brandy can offer to her clients and community. These movement practices activate the healer within and further connect you to the Chi or Life Source Energy within and without. An accessible practice that enhances wellness in the entire mind body spirit system! This practice really has everything and brings it all together.

Tarot and Oracle Card Reader, Intuitively Self-taught with 4 yrs Professional Experience 

Why That’s Awesome: Remembering her Grandmother doing Tarot at the kitchen table, Brandy has a connection to the cards that goes back generations. Each reading is a learning experience as each multi-deck spread presents a different meaning for each person. Brandy takes a unique, interactive approach to readings and facilitates your own connection with the cards, symbols, and messages as you feel out the meaning that is meant for you. Readings include channeled messages from your guides. You leave an Oracle or Tarot session with a deep understanding of your next steps, and greater clarity of the situation. And it’s super fun!

Ordained Minister, Licensed Spiritual Counselor, International Metaphysical Ministry

Why That’s Awesome: As an Ordained Minister, Brandy can perform rituals, rites of passages, philosophical/metaphysical teachings, and support to the needs of the community, her clients, or others seeking guidance or an Officiant for ceremonies. Clearing rituals, Metaphysical Treatments, Spiritual Guidance, Meditation Instruction, Blessings, Marriages, and other Ministerial services are available as part of your work with Brandy upon request. All Ministry work is customizable to your unique situation.

Receiver of The 9 Rites of the Munay Ki’, Rev. Michael Kilgore and Michelle Kilgore, Twin Flames Healers

Why That’s Awesome: Munay Ki is a group of energetic transmissions from the Peruvian Shamans of the Andes that are downloaded directly into your Luminous Energy Field which constitute the codes for this transformations evolution on an energetic and individual level. The rites are a powerful download and attunement that connected Brandy to The Wisdom Keepers which changed her life and how she receives information etherically. The Rites also connect the receiver to a lineage of ancient healers, the Star Keepers, the Earth Keepers, the Day Keepers, the Seers, the God-Creator within, the powerful energies of Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird and Eagle, the Keeper of the Lower World (our unconscious), the Keeper of the Middle World (our waking world), and the Protector of the Upper World (our super-conscious). The Munay Ki is a beautiful blessing and Brandy is truly grateful for the energetic gift and is also available to gift others. 

Board Certified Member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Why That’s Awesome: AADP fosters unity among “grass roots” practitioners and those with advanced academic credentials. AADP brings reputable chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists and other alternative healthcare providers together to share ideas and to help educate the public that good health can be obtained without the use of drugs.

Board Member of the Community for Holistic Integration of South Central PA (CHI)

Why that's Awesome: The Community for Holistic Integration connects and promotes local Holistic Practitioners and Mindful Businesses while also providing events and education to the public to promote an understanding and acceptance of holistic lifestyles in the Central PA community. Brandy loves being able to work closely with other local practitioners, businesses and communities in a non-profit capacity and contribute to the magic and synergy that spreads through the land when energy workers collaborate.

Ongoing Professional Holistic Classes, Various Programs, Instructors, and Institutions

Why That’s Awesome: Always looking to evolve and improve, Brandy regularly attends seminars and workshops, reads books and relevant publications, participates in self-growth programs from leading teachers in related fields, and brings to you the best practices, information, and techniques!

Life Experience: first-hand experience overcoming health and life issues such as obesity, panic and anxiety attacks, low energy, depression, women’s health issues, mental illness, overeating, excessive alcohol and drug use, abusive relationships, chronic yo-yo dieting, homelessness, food allergies, joint pain, self-esteem issues, and more.

Why That’s Awesome: She TURNED IT AROUND! By finding balance in her life and doing what she knew she could do to improve her health and her situation, one day at a time, she lives a connected life she loves and feels joy, radiance, and purpose every day. Brandy has enjoyed her ideal weight for years, maintained a balanced and spiritually grounded energy level, is not only free of mental illness/anxiety/panic attacks/depression but shines with clarity, positivity, vitality, and an easy laugh, lives an abundant life free of health issues, wakes up happy and grateful every morning (well at least after 9am she's not a morning person HA!), and wants nothing more than to help you do the same. She really does live her talk.

Favorite Things: her free-spirited Daughter, one-on-one work and facilitating group workshops and retreats, making energetically-charged power necklaces, ancient cultures, life lovers, mountain sunsets and morning fires, hand drumming, dancing and singing around the house, playing the native american flute, astrophysics and quantum physics, crystals and healing stones, hiking, eating fresh healthy food, making connections and meeting new people, doing her own thing, and laughing when nobody else is!

Why That’s Awesome: You can be yourself and have fun with Brandy in sacred space while you work towards your authentic life of high-vibration super-awesomeness! Yay!